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D3 Image was founded in the early 1990’s in Santa Fe, NM.   At that time,  new digital technologies in the Photography and Art world were emerging at a rapid pace.   D3 Image was one of the early innovators utilizing an altered Iris printer to produce works for world renown Photographers and Artists visiting Santa Fe.      Over the last 20 years the process has advanced from the fading dye inks of the Iris to today’s archival pigmented inks accepted by Museums.  Many printing substrates media can be utilized from Fine Art papers to Canvas with well over 100 years archivability.   One of the more exciting new media substrates has just been introduced and D3 Image now has the ability to produce your work using this new media substrate process.


The Photography and Art world now has a “very new and exciting” print media utilizing Rigid Coated Aluminum.   This very new Aluminum media should not to be mistaken as just another Dye Sublimation heat transfer printing process.   We can now print directly to these coated Aluminum Photo panels with exact matched colors, detail and depth you need to see to believe.  There is a depth and quality to an image printed By D3 Image on Allure that will bring out the “wow” factor from your clients.

*This new print media was recently awarded the (International SGIA Print and Imaging Expo) show’s best new product of the year. Allure Aqueous Metal Photography panels is inherently more detailed with a greater color detail than the dye sublimation process. The prints are sharper and clearer with very fine detail. For Professional Photographers the visual improvements for your clients can make a huge difference. It is the same quality and detail you will find in the highest quality Professional Fine Art and Luster Papers.


Our services include Artwork Scanning,  Pigmented Ink Prints on Fine Art Papers, Canvas and our newest exciting product “Allure Aluminum” metal photo panels.  We just installed the necessary equipment required to Sheer, Profile,  Print and Laminate this new incrediable product.  Our 25 years producing exquisite works for world renown Photographers and Artists in the digital realm is now available for your work.     

Why D3 Image?

Why D3 Image?

Because we will not consider your work finished until you are 100% satisfied. If it means working with you in our studio with test prints we want you to be total happy with our work. D3 Image isn’t a production print house. We understand each photographer or artist has a unique artistic style with certain print parameters. We’ve worked with the best world class talent over the years and understand the artistic mentality to reach for that perfect print. Each print you order whether it’s the 2nd or 100th will be identical to the fist approved Print.

A Full Print Making Solution

A Full Print Making Solution

We have many different media options to print your work on including the newest and coolest metal panels called “Allure”. If you want to print your work on fine art papers or canvas we’ve mastered the nuances to get the most from your work. We also have some of the best wholesale vendors we can introduce you the finish your printed canvases and Framing. If you would like we can set up a time with you to drop by your studio and discuss D3 Image and how we can help you elevate your work.

The Advantages Of Allure Photo Panels

The Advantages of Allure Photo Panels

You can present a product to your client ready to hang on their wall with no need for framing, thus a very significant savings of money and time waiting for the framer. Our proprietary “InterFrame” is permanently attached to the back of the Photo panel and allows for simple hanging. Once hung, the panel floats 3/4″ from the wall creating a 3 Dimensional look that has a presentation “WOW” factor with wall shadows around the panel. Your work on Allure will be virtually indestrucable rated over 100 years archivable. .

Photographers, Designers & Architects

  • As a Professional Photographer,  you now have a new “wow factor” print media alternative for your clients giving you a new option for your Portrait, Wedding and Commercial work.  With our proprietary invisible rear frame structure your photography is “hang ready” when we complete the print service for you.  This eliminates expensive framing and waiting time for your client.  
  • As an Interior Designer,  you have now have the ability to work with D3 Image to create a wonderful piece of artwork for your client utilizing a that very special family image.   We can work an old family photo or new one to create an original work even wall size for a main room.  We’ve vetted over 15 different talented artists with differing styles from Pop Art to Watercolor masterpieces using a clients favorite photo.
  • As an Architect,  you can work with D3 Image using our large 4’x8′ Allure metal photo panels to create a instant presentation wall Panels for your client’s office or central lobby.  Just let us know if we can help with some ideas?

D3 Image can also provide you with the highest quality Canvas and Fine Art Paper Printing Service. Your work will be completed by Marc Douglas, owner, not a print intern. His own work, sold to many collectors, and 25 years of digital printing experience will help bring all the critical elements together to get the most from your printed images.

The Guy Who Makes It All Happen

                                                                                                                Marc Douglas


Nash Editions & D3 Image

Intrigued by an article I read about Graham Nash (Crosby, Stills and Nash fame)  tearing apart a new $250,000 Iris (voiding all warranties) to print on extra thick media,  I went to Manhattan Beach, California to find out more about this process.   Nash Editions was experimenting with this new digital art form with artists like David Hockney and other world famous artist friends of Graham’s.   Uninvited,  I walked in Nash Editions to find out more about this new process.  To my surprise, Mac Holbert, Graham’s business partner in Nash Editions, spent a lot time explaining how this new experimental technology worked.    Within a month of my visit to Manhattan Beach,  Mac sent his master printer to Santa Fe to help me set up and “void the warranty” on my new Iris.   My new studio,  D3 Image, fast became a creative hub for many Santa Fe and World Class artists and photographers alike to come in and experiment with this new art form.   The digital renaissance was unfolding right before my eyes at D3.  Collaborating with a vast array of incredible Artist and Photographers, D3 printed, published and sold many successful limited editions worldwide.  D3 soon became one of the leading digital Ateliers in the country.  

The Process Today

The printing process has changed immensely from the early experimental “Iris” prints to prints today that are highly accepted and valued for their quality by artists and photographers.  In the early “Iris” days, dye inks were applied to fine art paper on a spinning drum.  The final product was beautiful but unstable ink sets over using  dye inks.   Today,  the process utilizes very stable pigmented ink sets that produce truly archival prints for museums and collectors alike.  These new pigmented ink sets can produce prints with stunning gamuts of color on many different medias.  

Getting the highest professional quality from these pigmented ink sets on handmade fine art papers (hot-cold Press acid free with no artificial brighteners) is part science and part art form.   A great image is only half completed without the expertise and knowledge of a master printer.  It takes thousands of prints and hours of experience to perfect this process.  Understanding each fine art paper and its unique color profiles are paramount in producing works acceptable for museums and very particular fine art collectors.

A D3 Image print, whether on the new Allure Metal Printing Panels or the many Canvases and Fine Art papers available,  is the ultimate blend of mastering the digital printing process with the Artist’s or Photographer works to achieve the best possible final product.   


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